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Twee: A New Beta Twitter App For The Palm Pre

Rédigé par Chris Parsons le Lundi 20 Juillet 2009

Twee, a new Twitter application for the Palm Pre, is currently available as an open beta. It has a decidedly TouchFlo feel to the UI that we're digging (one-touch to get to replies = win) and has some other unique features, though in some cases it's not quite as fully-featured as the other two.

We're also fond of the local search (see who's twittering around you) and quick shortcuts to Trends, Twiturly, and url shortening, but we're hoping for more photo options beyond Tweetphoto.

You'll need to be able to install homebrew apps to install it, but if you're a Twitter fiend, a third option is nice to have.

Which Twitter Client do you like best? (7/20/09)
Which Palm Pre Twitter Client do you like best?
Using the Browser
I don't use Twitter

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