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Sneak Peek: Facebook Version 1.6 for BlackBerry

Rédigé par Kevin Michaluk le Dimanche 24 Mai 2009 | Lu 26 fois

Facebook Version 1.6
Second from the bottom... Facebook 1.6

* UPDATE 2: JUST ADDED a BUNCH of official info on the Facebook 1.6 updates below. Be sure to check these out if you're looking for the detailed goods on what's new in 1.6! *

* UPDATE: OOOPS, My bad. I was a bit distracted when making this post and forgot to include screencaps of the most exciting part of the update - improved in-app profile and photo viewing!! Screencaps below. *

Facebook version 1.5 has barely been out for a month now, and already there's word of version 1.6 being released before May is done. You can refer to our first post for what's coming in 1.6 and check out some screen captures of it in action below. Mainly incremental feature improvements and tweaks, but it's getting there and I'm sure hardcore facebook users will appreciate it.

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