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New Game: Air Traffic Control for the BlackBerry Storm

Rédigé par Kevin Michaluk le Dimanche 26 Avril 2009

Calling All BlackBerry Storm owners! New from Mobigloo, developers of such popular titles as Nintaii, Storm Level Pro and Next Dual Pack, comes a fun and addicting game called Air Traffic Control.

The premise of Air Traffic Control is to land all of the planes on the runways by using your finger to draw the flight path. The game includes two scenes -- Bora Bora and an Aircraft Carrier -- and several aircraft types, including two fighter jets, a jumbo jet, a private jet, a helicopter and a hot air balloon.

* Warning: this is a totally fun and addicting little game. The planes keep coming, so you need to think fast and draw those flight paths quick. If you give it a go on your Storm, be sure to drop in the comments how many planes you land! Air Traffic Control retails for $9.99, but until May 3rd is available at an introductory price of $4.99 (no coupon code required). You can grab it from the CrackBerry App Store at the link below.'s feed sponsored by New Game: Air Traffic Control for the BlackBerry Storm

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