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Uncovered Palm Video Wants Us To Have Fun

Rédigé par Jason Robitaille le Vendredi 5 Juin 2009

Not really surprising, but it certainly seems as though Palm's putting all it can into the Pre.  If you missed it in Dieter's Setup and Gestures video, the Pre shows this short video after the initial setup and activation is complete.  It's beautifully-designed and a credit to the level of quality Palm is putting into the WebOS and Pre.

Originally I had hopes the video had been obtained from the hidden ROM files of the Pre.  That would indicated the possibility of hacking up root access.  And given the uploader, Steve Troughton-Smith, is a known iPhone developer, it wasn't such a crazy idea.  Turns out the truth was much less epic, as according to Dieter, the video file is plainly available when connected in USB drive mode. Bit of a disappointment, but a very nice video nonetheless.

Have fun!

[Steve Troughton-Smith via PalmGoon]

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