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Touch Diamond 2 at Newegg - sans U.S. 3G

Rédigé par Phil Nickinson le Samedi 23 Mai 2009

Touch Diamond 2 at

Sure enough, that's an HTC Touch Diamond 2 for $589.99 at Newegg. [via] But before you go dropping that much jing, do notice our awesome Photoshop skills, which have highlighted the data transfer section of the specs. That's right, there's no U.S. 3G. (Yes, it'll still work on GPRS and EDGE. And as you read in our review, they work just fine.) Also, we didn't notice any "Shipping on xxxx" disclaimers, but ...

So if you're hoping for the full-fledged U.S. version of the phone, you're just gonna have to keep on waiting a little while longer.

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