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Storm 2 User Guide Found In Storm OS Leak

RIM has always had a habit of putting userguides in all their downloads, leaked or official you'll always manage to find one within the packaging--even if it may be the incorrect one. Often times before, if you reviewed the files in the OS as well such as the BlackBerry.alx file you'd learn the codenames of unrealeased devices rather easily.

For a while now, RIM was seemingly wise to this fact and has since stopped listing unreleased devices within said files but this time they have moved on to sliding in the userguide for the 9520/9550 (Storm 2) in the packaging for all to view. Check it out, nothing out of the ordinary in there but it does clearly outline the WiFi inclusion into the OS. Big up's to blackBerry-pimp for spotting this one.'s feed sponsored by Storm 2 User Guide Found In Storm OS Leak

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Rédigé par Bla1ze le Lundi 31 Août 2009

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