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webOS programming book exits Rough Cuts phase

Rédigé par Derek Kessler le Lundi 3 Août 2009

Palm webOS - The BookMitch Allen’s Palm webOS Rough Cuts is no more. It is now just Palm webOS, and is set for a release in the venerable paper form in just two weeks time. As seen with the online version at Safari Books Online, the Rough Cuts “in progress” moniker is now gone, indicating that the book is indeed complete and ready to go. According to the Safari page, Palm webOS is set for a publish date of August 14th, though current subscribers can download the book right now.

Palm webOS will also land in paperback, retailing at $44.99. Interested parties can save a pretty penny by picking the book up at for a hefty 35% discount.

Are you a hard-copy, gimme the book sort of person, or is it easier to just hit up the developer forums?

Thanks to ericnyc646 for the tip!

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