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webOS 1.1 Coming Next Week? Emulator Double Confirms it Exists

Rédigé par Dieter Bohn le Vendredi 17 Juillet 2009

Paterick in our forums took the initiative to mosey on over to the device settings on in the device emulator that came with the Mojo SDK that was just released. If the impending release of webOS 1.1 wasn't confirmed enough for you before, how about now?

When we first broke the 1.1 story, we pointed out that the majority of the improvements would be related to Exchange security and compatibility.  Well, kwbunn in our forums confirms that if you set up the emulator to talk to Exchange servers, it does indeed have the tasty ability to work with servers that enforce more stringent PIN requirements. So take heart, Exchange users at locked-down companies, life is about to get better.

Now for some tasty rumors.  We're hearing that July 22nd is a date to watch for the release (but don't hold us to that, these things change).  We're also hearing that in addition to the EAS improvements, we should see some battery performance improvements, smoother and nicer UI animations, a fix for entering symbols in web page forms, and perhaps even emoticons in the messaging app, among other random fixes.  We were also told free ponies, but we don't put much stock in that last one.

Still no confirmation on new apps, but we're anxiously awaiting the release of the NFL Live app for the Palm Pre. webOS 1.1 is a definite lock and the updates are decent but certainly not splashy. 

We already have a pretty good bead on what people want for the big fixes (more on that soon), but what other "little fixes" are you hoping for from Palm in the near future?

Thanks to Cid for the emulator tip!

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