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webOS 1.04 Released for your OTA Downloading Pleasure

Rédigé par Dieter Bohn le Lundi 29 Juin 2009

webos 1.04 download

jwdesselle sends word and our very own Update app confirms - webOS 1.04 is available to be pushed out to a Pre near you.  This comes a mere 10 days -- 10! -- after the 1.03 update.

We're awaiting word from Palm's site as to what the update contains (and whether or not it breaks our homebrew install method).  More information as we get it -- but if you're a homebrew fiend, we tentatively suggest you wait until we know just what's in here.  Meanwhile, our forums members are already talking about the update here.

Thanks jwdesselle and everybody else who sent this in!

Update 1: this Palm forum post has the update doing the following:

Unauthorized applications could be installed without having physical access to the device

kyle2dotcom says that the non-rooted homebrew apps are still there and that's indeed true.  However it looks like the non-rooted homebrew install method (whereby you email it to yourself) is now dead in the water.  I just emailed myself the SimplyFlipFlops app and the installation failed.  Looks like the email method has been closed, folks.  Paging Pre Dev Wiki.  More here.

Update 2: Palm has updated their Knowledge Base with the official info on the update.  "This release addresses several security issues with Palm webOS software." They also offer a special thanks to Townsend Ladd Harris for helping identify the security issue.

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