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txtForward: SMS to Email Forwarding


This may not be the case for everybody but for me, I used to rarely use SMS to communicate. There has only been a slight increase of SMS activity on my BlackBerry smartphone. What’s the reason? There isn’t actually any real reason that I can think of. Most of my wireless communication typically happens via email, phone calls, BlackBerry Messenger or through third party apps. After thinking about it, I may not use SMS that often due to the fact that once it’s deleted, it’s gone. Unless I choose to delete an email from my mailbox and handheld, I will still have the message backed up somewhere. If I’m at work, I’m usually managing my email and such from my desktop. Some departments in my company are actually banning cellphones, due to SMS abuse. Tsk tsk fellow employees - even without your BlackBerry on your desks, you can still use txtForward.

Actually, txtForward, if used with good intentions, could be very beneficial. The application lets you forward received and/or sent messages to an email address of your choice. With txtForward on my BlackBerry, I should text those who may have thought I died a long time ago. If you’re still curious what this application could do for you, read on.

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Rédigé par Ryan Blundell le Mardi 8 Septembre 2009

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