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bChat - A Threaded SMS Solution That Is Available Now

bChat Threaded SMS and More!

We've known for a while now that threaded SMS is coming in later versions of the BlackBerry OS, but for those of you who just simply cannot wait there is a solution to the threaded SMS issues right now. bChat is a application which allows you to have threaded SMS today, rather then having to wait for RIM to release OS 5.0. Aside from threaded SMS it includes many other features which make it a worthy purchase for only $0.99:


  • Texts organized by conversation/contact
  • Allows texts longer than the standard 160 characters
  • Customize the UI colors
  • Integration into your profiles
  • Save your chats to the device or memory card for your records
  • Follow links and emails directly from the conversation, no need to copy and paste the link
  • Send texts with just a press of the enter key, just like BlackBerry Messenger
  • Track how many texts you send and receive

With the ability to organize and even store your text messages onto your memory card, bChat overall is a great application for those who want the threaded SMS and just that little bit extra as well. bChat is compatible with devices 4.5 OS +. However, no Storm love at this time.'s feed sponsored by bChat - A Threaded SMS Solution That Is Available Now

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Rédigé par Bla1ze le Mardi 18 Août 2009

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