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Wireless Analysts Offer “Pre-Game” Analysis…

Kudos to Mark Spoonauer at for getting “three of the smartest analysts in the wireless biz” to offer their thoughts on a number of Palm Pre-related items.

The experts are: Andy Castonguay: director, Yankee Group’s Anywhere Network research group, Ramon T. Llamas, the: senior research analyst, IDC Mobile Technology and Trends, and Ross Rubin: director of industry analysis, NPD Group.

They answered eight questions ranging from their impression of the Pre, should app developers prioritize on webOS, the impact multitasking has on battery life, and the launch date being close to Apple’s WWDC.  They also offered their thoughts on Palm being an acquisition target and the outlook for Palm this year and beyond.

You’ll glean some interesting “sound bites” from this piece.  For example, Ramon Llamas said the Pre is “wickedly cool.”  Ross Rubin remarked, “Sprint will be able to promote the Pre as a hero smart phone the way the other three major US carriers have for the iPhone, G1, and Storm.”  And Andy Castonguay mentioned, “With its strong enterprise channel, growing consumer play and its leasing capacity, Dell would be a great potential suitor for Palm or even as a key distribution/retail partner.”

Thanks to forum members jcunwired and Mahootzki for the tip!

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