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What's New in Pre Homebrew Apps: There are over 100 of Them

Rédigé par Dieter Bohn le Vendredi 31 Juillet 2009

You read that headline exactly right - there are now over 100 apps in our Homebrew forums and more on the way.  There are three different Google Voice Apps (including one with SMS support, update: make that two), the above-pictured iTunes Remote app, calculators, games, an iCanHazCheezburger picture finder, an excellent podcast downloader/player.. there's a lot.

Once you get your SDK installed, you're ready to participate in the beta testing action.  With any luck at all, Palm will be accepting many of these apps into their App Catalog.  Until they're able to get their high falutin', city-slicker system up to speed, though we invite you to check out the down-home, wild west of homebrew apps for the Pre.  Don't forget that there are now easier ways to install now - fileCoaster and webOS Quick Install.

If homebrew isn't your thing (it can be a bit much and yes, everything here is very much Beta), it's still worth looking around to get a taste of how easy it is to develop webOS apps and see the stuff the grass-roots developers are working on.

After the break, we present you with the current list compiled by chuccck, newer additions in bold.  Before you get to browsing all the homebrew, though, do chuccck a quick solid and congratulate him on his bacon-based proposal (she said yes!).  Also, take some time to thank all the great developers who are building these apps!

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