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What's In Your Quick Launch Bar?

Rédigé par Dieter Bohn le Mardi 11 Août 2009

The folks who watched last night's PalmCast Live had a chance to enter to win an Incipio Horizontal Carrying Case by answering this simple question: What's in your Launch Bar.  The results were pretty much in line with what you might expect - but that 'other' category was bigger than you might have guessed.

Actually, given how well Universal Search works for dialing, I was somewhat surprised to see that both the Phone and Contacts apps were so popular.

During the 'Cast, Lisa had an excellent tip: consider leaving your most used apps out of the Quick Launch Bar.  Instead, just leave the suckers open all the time in cards and use that precious launch bar space for something else.  It's a little counter-intuitive, but I've dropped Mail and Messaging from my Quick Launch Bar and haven't suffered for it.

Me, I'm now: Calendar, Tweed, Web, and Camera, with Messaging and Email cards always open.  How about you, what's in your Quick Launch Bar? We'll throw the most popular options in the poll after the break, but feel free to give us more detail in the comments!

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