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What did you Leave for webOS?

Rédigé par Derek Kessler le Mercredi 22 Juillet 2009

Palm Pre - Treo Pro

Clearly anybody who bought a Palm Pre was migrating from some other OS. So from whom did Palm poach the most users? If you were to ask the members of the PreCentral forum, a full 39% of them would say that they left behind a Windows Mobile handset. That’s more than any other mobile OS, even Palm’s own old-school Palm OS, which 28% of Pre owners used to use. Rounding it out was BlackBerry OS at 15%, iPhone OS at 6%, and Android, Symbian, and Sidekick each registering less than 1% on the meter. Ten percent of Pre owners used a different operating system, with most of those switching from non-smartphone handsets.

We're guessing a healthy portion of that WinMo segment include Windows Mobile Treos.  Even so, it does look like, at least amongst our users, the Pre is managing to convert a sizable number of people to the platform.

A pretty graph and a chance for you blog-reading folks to chime in, after the break!

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