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WebOS Quick Install v2.7 with webOS 1.2.1 Support Released

Rédigé par Jason Robitaille le Dimanche 4 Octobre 2009

After almost a week of delays, the much-requested WebOS 1.2.1-compatible release of WebOS Quick Install is finally released.  And boy what an update (and I say that completely unbiased *wink*).

This update included a lot of code rewrites and changing the patching system one last time, with the patching system integrated through the program.  Just take a look at this change log:

v2.7 - October 4, 09
-  Added reset flag support
-  Updated Sprint/Bell WebOSDoctor URLs
-  Added Patch integration into Device Management
-  Fixed issue where uninstalled apps would still appear in Device Management
-  Redesigned Tweaks into a tabbed interface
-  Completely reimplemented virtual keyboard config support
-  Added patch repository support to Tweaks
-  Completely redid the internal patcher coding
-  Patch format now compatible with Preware
-  Greatly improved Ipkg Feed app info window
-  Fixed bug affecting custom ipkg feeds
-  Added PreYourMind and Canuck Software feeds
-  Updated theming to support new patch-compatible format
-  Added support for .patch and .diff files in the main screen

So not only are all the old tweaks back, but there's a whole new online patch repository to get more from. Better yet, all applied tweaks/patches are completely interoperable with Preware's patches!

And for those who like crafting their own patches, WebOS Quick Install now support plain .patch and .diff files, without needing any special packing. Quick and easy testing.

So if you just wanna check out what tweaks you can get from v2.7, or you've been one of the many eagerly awaiting this update, feel free to stop on by the WebOS Quick Install forum thread.

Ed. Note: while we're at it, we've also restored the ability to download themes in the PreCentral webOS Theme Gallery.

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