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WES2009: Bloggers Predict the Future... of BlackBerry

Normally us smartphone bloggers are hidden behind our desks and computers and cameras and copious amounts of mobile devices, but at WES 2009 last week a few of us got on stage as part of the BoxTone User Conference to talk BlackBerry Predictions live and in person.

If you have 36 minutes to kill, you can watch the video replay above to see some of your favorite BlackBerry bloggers in action (I had no idea BoxTone was going to put this on the web afterwards... buggers!). Al Sacco from CIO, Kyle McInnes of BlackBerryCool, Simon Sage from IntoMobile, Howie Rapapport of Port3101 and yours truly all take part in the panel discussion fun. We were supposed to make three predictions for BlackBerry that we'll see in the next three years, but in true CrackBerry fashion I made four... the fourth one being the one I really put a lot of effort into and would like to see come true. I hope you enjoy the show. If you make it to the end be sure to drop a comment!'s feed sponsored by WES2009: Bloggers Predict the Future... of BlackBerry

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Rédigé par Kevin Michaluk le Mercredi 13 Mai 2009

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