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Verizon Customers Not as Interested in Pre as You Might Think?

Rédigé par Derek Kessler le Jeudi 13 Août 2009


In a recent study by, their analysis showed that Verizon may not receive a considerable boost from when the Pre (or another webOS phone) lands on the nation’s most popular cellular network. The study focused on “pre-churners,” or current customers that are considering switching networks (having logged at least ten page views on competitor websites). In the end, there are two groups of people: those satisfied with Verizon, and those exploring other options. Of those looking elsewhere, only 1.7% were looking in the direction of the Palm Pre on Sprint, whereas 14.8% were considering the iPhone on AT&T.

It’s no surprise that the iPhone has drawn more attention from potential switchers than the Pre, as it has been on the market for two years longer and has a much larger established base (not to mention the marketing muscle of Apple). Unfortunately for our curiosity, the study did not take a look at what satisfied Verizon customers think of the Pre. We here at PreCentral know that there are a good many of you that do want the Palm Pre on Verizon, and at the very least early next year there should be a webOS device of some variety on Big Red.

There’s some good news for Verizon’s competitors, however. Pre-churners on Verizon logged 40% higher interest in the iPhone than Sprint or T-Mobile customers.

[via: EverythingPre]

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