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VLC Remote Control for BlackBerry Now Available

Rédigé par Bla1ze le Mercredi 29 Juillet 2009

VLC Remote Control for BlackBerry Now Available!

Ahh, finally! A BlackBerry application that helps me control my VLC media player. Not sure what VLC media player is? Then you'll want to check it out before you dive in here. In short, it's a one stop shop media player for every computer OS including Mac OS X, Windows and pretty much any Linux distro you can imagine. Now, after a painful wait for me personally, an app to control VLC from my BlackBerry device is here and works quite well.

VLC Remote Control turns your BlackBerry into a fully functional remote control for VLC media player using a WiFi connection.


  • All standard media player controls (play/pause, next/previous, Fast-Forward/Rewind etc)
  • Scan through media using the BlackBerry trackball.
  • Change the volume using volume keys on side of device.
  • Browse PC/Mac file system and add to playlist
  • Save multiple VLC connections (home, office etc)

The only downfall for this application is that so far it's only available for the Bold, so everyone else is left in the dark. It works using WiFi and is currently compatible on Mac and PC. Check it out for only $9.99 in the Shop CrackBerry Store.'s feed sponsored by VLC Remote Control for BlackBerry Now Available

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