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Two New Apps in the App Catalog: Open Table and Fliq Bookmarks

Rédigé par Dieter Bohn le Mercredi 29 Juillet 2009

Palm has added two new apps to the Palm Pre webOS App Catalog. 

The first is Fliq Bookmarks from Mark/Space.  It's for Mac users only (PC version coming soon) and it's a small utility that works with their Missing Sync app to synchronize your Safari bookmarks to the Pre.  You sync your stuff to Fliq and then use the App to move them over to your Browser.

The second is Yet Another Restaurant Finder (feel free to use the acronym YARF when discussing it) called Open Table.  It joins Where, CitySearch, and GoodFood in allowing you to search for restaurants by location, filter by price and category, and so on.

Meanwhile, our Homebrew Apps section is creeping up on 100 apps as of this writing - we're-not-saying-we're-just-saying.

Thanks to everybody who sent this in!

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