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'Touchstone' To Be Entire Product Line?

Rédigé par Brian Hart le Mardi 14 Avril 2009

At CTIA, the teeniest, tiniest detail can turn into a news story (trust us, we know), so it's no surprise that the massive 45 minute video above by tnkgrl contained a new snippet.  We're a couple days late on this story, mostly because we wanted to mull it over a bit.  Mulled we have, so here's what we know:

Around 40 minutes in, the Palm rep indicates that the Palm Touchstone - that wonderful, gorgeous piece of inductive-charging goodness - is just the first in a line of Touchstone accessories. Just what sort of added functionality other Touchstone chargers may have is unclear, but we're the (very) outside chance that it might someday support data transfer has us intrigued. 

Now the mulling - It's also possible that the comment was off-hand and shouldn't be taken as indicative of future plans: you try giving the same 45 minute presentation over and over for three days straight and see if you don't accidentally say something that ravenous Pre fanboys won't run with.

Still, as discussed in our forums, we'd be awfully happy to see a custom car mount with Touchstone branding.  Toss in some A2DP speakerphone action and an optional line-out and suddenly you have a pretty darn good car kit.

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