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Today's Release Date Rumor-Mongering - May Less Likely?

Rédigé par Dieter Bohn le Mercredi 15 Avril 2009

We've gone over 24 hours without filling you in on the latest release date rumors -- our sincerest apologies.  Here's the latest:

Eagle-eyed reader Zach took a look at that internal Sprint Screengrab that indicated that the "Req Delivery Date" for the Pre was May 16th, meaning that any guesses before May 17th are looking mighty unlikely.  A few lines above the Pre line is another entry that's just as interesting: "P100 FAQs for Search/Support and Learn" dated May 10th.  We already knew that "P100" was a codename for the Pre, so we expect that the May 10th date has something to do with training Sprint Store Advocates - the go-to people for each store. We'd heard they're already getting tapped, so it appears that May 10th is the date they should be receiving their units.   If that pans out.

Update per Anonymous in the comments, it feels more likely that the May 10th deadline referenced above refers to online FAQ and other documentation.

We're also hearing from another anonymous source says that (another?) round of Pre Beta devices are going out to Sprint reps at the end of the month and that the testing phase could last another full month (fear!).  We've also heard conflicting reports about inventory and whether the software is finalized yet.

Short version: there's an incredibly large Signal:Noise ratio right now, emphasis on the Noise.  All this conflicting information coming from the innards of Sprint indicates disinformation, misinformation, or just plain speculation on the inside.  We're going with speculation -- our best guess is that Palm and Sprint want the thing out just as badly as we do.  Rather than pin a firm deadline on June 29th, they're pushing to see if everything can get finalized sooner and then get it released.

Which pleases the part of us that wants the Pre right. freaking. now.  However, we gotta wonder, might Palm be better off just choosing a date with a little bit of padding and then announcing it?  That way we'd know when to line up at the store, what day to look forward to, and which day to take off work. 

Would you prefer to just have a date, even if it's maybe a week or two later than strictly necessary?

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