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Tip: Manage your Sprint Navigation Addresses on your Desktop

Rédigé par Dieter Bohn le Mercredi 26 Août 2009

There's a very nice webportal you can access from your desktop in order to add and manage the addresses you have saved in Sprint Navigation:  Just head there and punch in your phone number and PIN.  Don't know your PIN? You can request they send it to you, but chances are unless you've changed it, it's simply the last 4 digits of your phone number.

On the desktop site you can click the "Add Addresses" tab to insert addresses which are then automatically synced to Sprint Navigation on your Pre under "My Favorites."  The "Manage Addresses" tab lets you do just that, removing addresses you don't want cluttering up your favorites.  "Get Maps and More" allows you to view maps right there on your desktop from your favorites -- it's nowhere near as nice as Google Maps, but it's there if you need it.

So if you're planning a trip, you can punch in all the places you want to visit and have them ready to tap when you are actually on your trip -- all from the comfort of your desktop browser.

We feel compelled to point out that other tab - "Change Settings."  Hit that tab and change your PIN, kids.  Otherwise some ne'er-do-well who happens to know your phone number and the fact that you own a Pre could go in there very easily and mess around with your Sprint Navigation favorites. They could view your saved addresses, delete them (!), and add others in a childish attempt to embarrass you by having shady bars and the like listed in your favorites.

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