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The Logical Extension of Palm's Location Opt Out Policy

Rédigé par Dieter Bohn le Mercredi 2 Septembre 2009

The Onion details Google's new opt-out policy if you prefer to keep your personal information private is above [via Fake Steve].

Ok, yes, it's satire - but here's the thing, we're still waiting on clearer opt-out policies from Palm with regard to the fact that your location is being sent up to their servers and then on to Google.  You can go into Location Services and turn off the "Background Data Collection" option to keep your data from going to Google, but it still goes to Palm.

Palm's current recommendation for not uploading location data to them is to turn off location services completely. It's all or nothing, and that doesn't seem cricket.

Now, to be fair, I'm not really that concerned about it - I have heard that Palm anonymizes location data on their servers and my carriers have known my location for quite a long time too. Still, it caused quite the ruckus when the news broke about Palm collecting this info and made people wonder just what Palm intends to use that data for (BGR dug up a patent for location-based ads, for example). So while we're listing features of what we're hoping for in future webOS updates, let's add one more: a little more control and clarity about what data is getting sent up into which cloud, why it's being sent, and who gets to see it.


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