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Talkin' Pre -- Week ending 4 September

Rédigé par Annie Latham le Lundi 7 Septembre 2009

In a week where Disney added some of the world’s best-known superheroes (Spider-Man, the X-Men, Thor, Iron Man and the Fantastic Four) with their purchase of Marvel for $4 billion, Sprint announced their own "Hero." No, they weren't hailing the Palm Pre as the customer acquisition victor. Rather, they let the world know that "The Now Network" would be gaining an Android-based phone: The HTC Hero which would be going on sale Oct. 11. That could mean that the Pre will become second fiddle in Sprint's ads (and perhaps the carrier's heart and mind).

While the financial community tried to digest Sprint's move (Is there a "cash-rich acquirer" in the midst?), Palm had an interesting week which closed with talk about webOS version 1.2 potentially becoming available this month and with MotionApps showing a video preview of HotSync in MotionApps Classic.

Let's talk Pre!

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