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T-Mobile G2 / Magic to Get 5 Megapixel Camera?

Rédigé par Dieter Bohn le Vendredi 8 Mai 2009

Looks like BGR is having a banner day what with that Walmart Roadmap.  Next up, seems that the HTC Magic will be coming to T-Mobile for sure possibly with the G2 moniker, but up to now HTC hasn't been fond of people calling the Magic the G2.  Heck, the name "T-Mobile MyTouch" is also on the table here.  We've already seen it clear the FCC so this isn't exactly breaking news, though. 

Names aside, the big news here is that we're looking at slightly different hardware specs: to wit, a five megapixel camera.  Strikes us as very likely -- we know T-Mobile has been pursuing a high-megapixel strategy for the handsets lately.  July release, $179 price tag, white color.  Count us in.

Let's just hope the rumor that it will support UMA pans out too.

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