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Sync Outlook to Pre via Google at Launch…

Rédigé par AnnieLatham le Vendredi 3 Avril 2009

We told you way way back in January that there would be a solution to sync your Palm Desktop, Outlook, and other PIM data from the desktop to your Pre via CompanionLink.  Now the company, a provider of synchronization solutions, has announced today that they are guaranteeing that standalone Microsoft Outlook users will have a two-way sync solution available when the Palm Pre launches.

The method: Outlook to Google, Google to the Pre.  CompanionLink for Google ($29.95) offers a two-way sync solution between Microsoft Outlook and Google, which lets users seamlessly sync their contacts, calendar and tasks to Google.

Gayland Bruns, CEO of CompanionLink Software, noted that during CTIA,  the Palm Pre product manager, Tim Pettitt, was demoing the Palm Pre Calendar application and discussing its sync capabilities to Google during CTIA 2009.

Bruns remarked:

“Since CompanionLink already supports Outlook to Google sync, it means Synergy/Outlook users will have the ability to get their desktop contacts and calendar information on their Palm Pre phones on the same day that the Palm Pre launches."

More information is available at www.

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