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Sprint getting WiMax Touch HD? We connect the dots

Rédigé par Malatesta le Mercredi 27 Mai 2009

Here's a possibly scenario for you to ponder:

So we're just throwing it out there that somewhere out there on the internets is a "signed ship" ROM floating around (we've seen it ourselves) labeled for Clearwire using the Touch HD's moniker.  And that Sprint shows no signs of getting a Touch Diamond 2 even though it is EOL and running on its final shipment.

We could also throw out this gem from criticalaudioinc, who works with HTC and said 7 months ago:

HTC is currently in discussion again on bringing the HTC Touch HD to the US, I currently have a GSM model that we were asked to convert to CDMA, All that was needed was to pull a board from the diamond and re-solder and flash the the rom. From what we can see it is working pretty well the solder isn't pretty but again its a test. But its looking good so far.

So there you go. What say you? We be crazy or is Sprint getting ready to launch a Touch HD with Wimax?

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