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Sprint Touch Pro 2: Now Available for Order by Sprint Telesales

Rédigé par Malatesta le Jeudi 3 Septembre 2009

We're getting word that as of today, September 3rd, you can now place pre-order for the just announced HTC Touch Pro 2 via Sprint TeleSales (866-866-7509).

All sorts of prices are being thrown around, depending on your current contract-status. There is a $100 MIR and you should be able to get the fee for over-night shipping waived. Some SERO users though are getting denied, so be careful.

The devices are also suppose to be in stock now, meaning deliveries could start as early as tomorrow (no tracking numbers have been confirmed as of yet) but most people are being told it won't ship till next week, so 3-5 business days.

Good luck everyone!

Update:  SERO users should try and call 1-888-503-3078--reportedly orders go through that channel with no problem. (thanks Russelhi).

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