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Sprint: The Network for People with ADD, the Pre

Rédigé par Dieter Bohn le Lundi 6 Avril 2009

It's time to talk about that other kind of "Synergy," the kind you cringe when you hear it spoken: Synergy of business.  Sprint has just launched some sort of new viral-esque campaign parlaying their "Now Network" into a seizure-inducing array of webwidgets telling you what's happening "now."

Click on the Pre to find their Pre-specific page, including links to Pre tweets, Pre headlines on tech blogs -- quite possibly including this very blog and maybe even this very post, which presents a level of recursion we're not entirely sure we know what to do with.  For what it's worth, tech specs on this site do not list tethering.

If nothing else, it's a precursor of the marketing blitz to come with the launch of the Palm Pre.  And that dirty use of "Synergy?"  We're thinking that Sprint launching a widget-based site that helps market a platform for which you can develop widgets is almost nefarious in its subtlety.  Or maybe we're just bitter that there are images of the Pre next to "Calls on Sprint Phones" and "Texts of Sprint Phones."  Surely there are, right now, Palm Pre Phones active and engaged in those very activities. 

Not bitter yet?  Check out the commercial above, the 27 second mark, that dude has a Pre.  Jerk.

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