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Sprint Releasing HTC Hero & Samsung Q Android Phones on October 11th

Rédigé par Casey Chan le Lundi 3 Août 2009

A forum member on xda-developers just posted this picture detailing an expected launch of the HTC Hero on October 11th on Sprint. Though this particular picture confirms nothing really, it does corroborate with what the same forum member has been saying about the Hero and Sprint since April.

Forum member pictures or not, there have been rumors and reports that pointed the HTC Hero in Sprint's direction before so it isn't exactly a stretch. What's more interesting is the other device mentioned in the report, the Samsung Q, also runs Android. Could this be the Samsung Galaxy?

Another tidbit to note is the date itself--October 11th is a Sunday. Would a Sunday launch work? Also, we're not sure if Sprint has a history of launching devices on particular days but the Palm Pre was launched on June 6th, a Saturday. Just food for thought.


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