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Sprint CEO Dan Hesse Strikes Back: Exclusivity Length Unknown

Rédigé par Dieter Bohn le Vendredi 5 Juin 2009

Sprint CEO Dan Hesse took some time to tell CNET that his fellow executives at competing carriers Verizon and AT&T maybe should simmer down just a bit with the "We'll be getting the Pre too" talk.  Namely: Sprint's exclusivity is going to last longer than six months:

"They need to check their facts," Hesse said in an interview at a press event here to launch the Palm Pre. "That just is not the case. Both Palm and Sprint have agreed not to discuss the length of the exclusivity deal. But I can tell you it's not six months."

Given how important the Pre is to Sprint, it's no surprise that Hesse would want to put the kaibosh on those rumors.  While length of the exclusivity period is going to be a secret, there's a "good chance," he says, that it's going to be longer than six months.

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