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Sprint Application Developer Program expands to the WebOS

Lately Sprint seems to be through it full force into the Palm Pre, and rightly so; both Palm and Sprint are working together in an uphill battle.  As we've seen recently, that extra bit of effort has paid off in not one, but two spiffy TV ads.

Not to long ago, Sprint began expanding their Sprint Application Development Program (ADP) by adding a twitter account and now they've added Palm WebOS section to their ADP website.  As they wrote on twitter:

ok - we launched a Palm Web OS section on our developer website, there's not a lot there right now, but we will be adding to it over time

And they're right, there really isn't a lot there.  There is, however, much potential to be had. A direct connction to Sprint could allow developers a new outlet. Part of Sprint's ADP includes developer forums and free mapping tools to help location-based services.  Plus, as an added benefit of being part of the ADP, you get 5 hours free on the Sprint Virtual Developer Lab which allows "real-time, virtual access to devices on Sprints CDMA and iDEN networks". Certainly a good step forward in the Palm-Sprint developer relations.

[via Palm WebOS Blog]

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Jeudi 16 Avril 2009

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