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Speaking of Xbox and Windows Mobile ...

Just yesterday we were reporting about Mobile GamerTag, a free application that pulls down your Xbox information (we suppose for  literal "in your face" bragging rites) and now, MobileTechWorld how found some hints about Xbox & the future of Windows Mobile 7 via that old standby: Microsoft help wanted ads.

Specifically, two jobs are being offered, one being a Developer Account Manager " own and drive the relationship with our top mobile entertainment development partners. You will work closely with our...Windows Mobile and Xbox LIVE platform teams..."

Basically this lucky dude or dudette gets to fly around, talking to and working with game developers, showing them just how sa-weet Windows Mobile 7 is at gaming.  (I'm pretty sure I want that job! --Mal)

Second job is for a 3PP (3rd Party) Account Manager  who "..will act as the day to day contact for publishers within Microsoft" including securing exclusive games for Windows Mobile.

Hey, sounds all good to us.  Actually any mention of Xbox and Winodws Moible in the same sentence sounds good. We just hope WM7 delivers on this end because it is sorely lacking and way, way overdue.  Read much more on the job details here.

thanks King Koopa!

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Rédigé par Malatesta le Jeudi 22 Octobre 2009

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