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Slider crashes inspire MacGyver solution

MacGyvered Battery Shim

A number of Palm Pre phones seem to be afflicted with an unsettling issue: closing or opening the slider causes the Pre to reset. Considering that the slider is a fairly major component of the phone, this is a big problem. Several users on our forum reported this issue and we’re happy to report that both cause and solution have been discovered. The battery on some Pre phones is loose/slightly too small, and any sudden jars (such as snapping the slider shut) cause it to disconnect for that millisecond of time it takes to kill the phone and force a restart.

Obviously, that’s a problem, but the solution is surprisingly simple and just shines with MacGyver brilliance (ToolkiT, you rock!): make the battery fit more snuggly by sticking a tiny bit of paper (only a few layers are necessary) in along the top of the battery compartment. Several users have tested this solution with resounding success, and now knowing the solution can head off to their local Sprint store and demand a replacement battery, instead of the much harder to find replacement Pre.

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Rédigé par Derek Kessler le Mardi 9 Juin 2009

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