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Shea Homes is the First National Builder to Launch Applications for iPhone and iPod Touch

Rédigé par La Rédaction le Mardi 17 Novembre 2009

WALNUT, Calif., Nov. 17 /PRNewswire/ -- As the Apple iPhone continues to gain market share and more and more people are turning to their smartphones for information, Shea Homes, the nation's largest private home builder, is introducing an "App" for Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch. The Shea Homes App is a free download from the iTunes AppStore. Apps are available for the Shea Homes family communities located in Arizona, Colorado, Northern California, San Diego, and Southern California. Shea Homes is the first national home builder to introduce an iPhone Application. The home builder is also working on Applications which would be available to other mobile device users and expect to have them by year-end.

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