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Server-Side Workaround for Busted Exhange in webOS 1.2 (Updated)

Rédigé par Dieter Bohn le Jeudi 1 Octobre 2009

If you're experiencing the busted-up Exchange problem that many are facing after webOS 1.2 and aren't willing or able to downgrade to webOS 1.1 (and given the security hole, we don't blame you), we have a set of instructions posted up by Palm tech support member HardBeatZ in their forums.

Unfortunately, the solution has to happen on the server - so you'll be buying your IT staff donuts tomorrow. Actually, a lot of people are having the problem with hosted-Exchange companies and we're guessing getting them to apply the fix is going to be nigh-impossible.

The 'fix' involves un-checking a bunch of sub-policies under the Required Password settings (whether or not Required Password is checked):

  • Number of failed attempts allowed
  • Min. Password length
  • Time without user input before password must be re-entered

There you go - if you have the ability to get the settings on your Exchange server adjusted, those are the adjustments you need to make -- assuming you can swallow the reduced security un-checking those boxes implies.

The real fix needs to come on-device, Palm. After making some noise about how webOS is Enterprise-ready and therefore they don't need Windows Mobile anymore, this whole Exchange problem needs to get addressed and right quick.

Thanks to rlopin for the tip!

Update: Insp_Gadget points out that Palm has a client-side fix (read: an update for the Pre itself) in mind and that they're working to get it pushed out as soon as possible. They're also going to make webOS 1.1 more easily available for those who want to downgrade in the meantime.

[...] we know what's causing this and are working as quickly as possible to get a update that addresses this issue done and available. [...] we are planning on providing a link to download the WebOS Doctor which will restore your phone to update 1.1 for those that can't implement the security policy changes or wait until the patch which addresses this is available.

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