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Rédigé par George Ponder le Jeudi 10 Septembre 2009


The Summer Giveaways are slowly winding down and this week we've got SPB Software up for grabs. SPB has produced such Windows Mobile applications as SPB Mobile Shell, SPB TV, SPB Brain Evolution and many more. SPB is closely tied to Windows Mobile and wants to know what you think.

So here's how this week's give away will work. Head on over to the forums and post your thoughts on SPB in this discussion. Tell us what you like, dislike, or would like to see in SPB software. Do you like the old interface with SPB Mobile Shell or is the touch navigation more to your liking? Any channels missing from SPB TV? Does SPB Traveler cover all the bases for those who are on the road?

From the comments posted between now and 5:00pm CST on September 14, 2009 we'll randomly draw for three winners. The first place will receive a copy of SPB's Mobile Shell. The second and third place winners will receive a copy of SPB TV. Remember you have to be registered to post a comment and that can be done here.

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