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SPB Brain Evolution 2.0 announced

Rédigé par George Ponder le Mardi 15 Septembre 2009

SPB Software has announced the release of Brain Evolution 2.0, an updated version of SPB's popular gaming application Brain Evolution. The game currently contains twelve exercises designed to help users to keep their mind in a shape. The exercises include: Sudoku, Numbers, Arithmetics, Quadronica, Guess Who, Memorica, Encyclopedia, Minesweeper, Matches, Balltracker, Geometry, and Pairs.

Geometry and Pairs are two new games to the application. Additionally, SPB has incorporated a few new features to the game:

  • A new scoring and progress tracking system
  • Sharing user's achievements online on SPB server
  • Posting achievements to Twitter
  • The new, finger-friendly interface that perfectly matches all the latest smartphones with bigger and more responsive touchscreens
  • Native support for 800x480 and 400x240 screen resolutions.

We reviewed the original version of Brain Evolution and were impressed. How does the new version compare? We're downloading the application as we type and will have a full review in the coming days. That is unless we loose our mind trying to get them in shape.

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