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SMS Flaw Fixed in Previous Android Update

Rédigé par Casey Chan le Lundi 3 Août 2009


There was a big fuss over the weekend over a huge Android SMS flaw that could leave our phones running our favorite operating system inoperable. To quote the security experts who found it:

"The bug is similar to the second iPhone bug in the way that it kills the telephony process ( and thus kicks the Android device from the mobile phone network," the pair state in their paper. "On Android the bug is a little more interesting since it will permanently kick the target device off the network if the SIM card residing in the phone has a PIN set."

Yikes, that doesn't sound good at all. Luckily, that boring 'ol Android Update we got a few weeks back likely fixed the issue because Google confirmed that this particular SMS issue for Android had already been resolved. Kudos to Google for fixing this quick and early.


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