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SII : Procedure for making the preparatory documents available for the Combined Shareholders’ Meeting of September 22, 2022

Paris, August 25, 2022


A French corporation
with a management board and a supervisory board
and a capital stock of forty million euros.

Principal office: 8 rue des Pirogues de Bercy – 75012 PARIS

SII is registred in the Paris Trade and Company register
under number 315 000 943

Procedure for making the preparatory documents available
for the Combined Shareholders’ Meeting of September 22, 2022

The shareholders of the company are invited to attend the Combined General Meeting of September 22, 2022, which will take place at 2:30 p.m. in “Melody blues référence Large 10” - Embarquement Port de Bercy - 75012 Paris.

The prior notice containing the agenda and the text of the proposed resolutions was published in the BALO of August 17, 2022. The notice of meeting will be published in the BALO and in a journal of legal notices on September 5, 2022.

The preparatory documents for the General Meeting set out in Article R.225-73-1 of the French Commercial Code will be posted on the company's website at, under the heading “Investors - Regulated Information” no later than the twenty-first day preceding the meeting.

The documents will also be made available to shareholders when the meeting is convened.

In accordance with the applicable regulatory provisions:

  • any registered shareholder may, until the fifth day preceding the meeting, ask the company to send these documents to them, where applicable, at their express request by electronic means. For holders of bearer shares, the exercise of this right is subject to the presentation of a certificate of shareholding in the bearer securities accounts held by the authorised intermediary;
    • any shareholder may also review the documents at the company's registered office.


Contacts: SII - Éric Matteucci -+33(0) 142 848 222


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About SII

Serving as a true partner for technology matters, SII Group provides solutions with added value to projects at major companies. Relying on teams of expert engineers and methods applying the highest quality standards, SII’s business has a balanced focus on:

  • Technology consulting (IT, electronics, and telecoms),
  • Digital services (technical IT and networks).

SII Group has organized itself to offer the responsiveness and flexibility of personalized service. SII has nine offices in France serving as profit centers with robust operational resources and the ability to support major international clients, serving companies in 18 countries on four continents.

In the 2021-2022 financial year, which ended on 31 March, SII Group recorded revenues of €828.9 million.


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