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Rumor: Real Reviewer units headed out this week (but maybe not the Pre)

Remember that Real Reviewers program that Palm was touting a little while back? No? Okay, a refresher: Palm wants to get their latest and greatest gear (i.e. the Pre) into the hands of internet-savvy real people to get the word out, guerilla style. The program will essentially loan said ‘real reviewers’ a Palm phone for six months while they blog and Twitter and Facebook and do all those other websites that have turned into verbs. Now, to the rumor-news: if CrunchGear is to be believed, then Palm will be shipping out Pre phones to their selected ‘real reviewers’ this week, with arrival by the end of this week, possibly as early as Wednesday.

So, keep your eyes peeled (or open, I don’t want you to actually peel your eyes), because there may be a tsunami of Pre sightings on the way.  Or not -- Palm said they'd be sending out "current model" phones, so it's unlikely they'll be sending out Palm Pre phones ahead of the actual release date.  That's not to say Real Reviewers won't get Palm Pre phones, just that we doubt they'll get them this week.

Thanks to Padre for the tip!

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Rédigé par Derek Kessler le Lundi 11 Mai 2009

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