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Right now: Install a Homebrew App without Hacking

Rédigé par Dieter Bohn le Lundi 22 Juin 2009

We told you that the ability to install 'homebrew' apps without having to root or hack your Palm Pre was coming and, behold, the day is here!

All credit goes to xorg, spotter, and simplyflipflops, naturally.  They've worked up a simple "Hello World" type of app -- it just installs the icon you see above on my non-hacked-Pre, but doesn't quite launch anything yet.  It's nice to look at, though.  (In case you've forgotten how to delete apps, check out our how-to guide on that very subject).

We've hosted the app itself here, but don't expect that clicking that link on a Pre or otherwise is going to get it for you.  Installing requires that you email yourself a link to the app (not an attachment). Clicking an ipk link from a browser, saving it via USB mode, or emailing it as an attachment are all dead ends.  Luckily, we have just such a link prepared for you:

Email yourself a link to the SimplyFlipFlops App

And now a quick word from the trio themselves:

Our intent is to help the webOS development world release applications. We do not support or encourage using this information for malware. We completely oppose misuse. To protect yourself, do not open links from your Pre email application that has an .ipk at the end unless you intend to load that application and you trust the source of that application.  This applies to other email systems on other platforms as well.  The ability for Pre to do this is not unique.

Full instructions on how these ipk packages are put together are still pending, as we await word from Palm; be it a stern rebuke, benign silence, or a big bear hug, the devs and PC will act accordingly.

All that said: Homebrew is here!

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