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Review: Palm Pre Car Charger

Rédigé par Keith Newman le Jeudi 30 Juillet 2009

Palm Vehicle Charger

The Palm Car Charger for the Pre is a compact and convenient USB charger that will keep your Pre topped off while on the go. We know car chargers are fairly important accessories to have, especially when it comes to smartphones. You never know when you'll need to get a few precious moments of juice. The problem was always finding a charger that wasn't an eyesore in your vehicle.

Enter the latest addition to the Palm family of chargers. This time, you have a device that looks good, supplies enough power to charge your phone while listening to Pandora and using Sprint Navigation, plus it comes with a data sync cable for the Pre.

Oh yeah, it gets points for working with my Touchstone Charger in my car. Your mileage may vary (excuse the pun), as I'll explain after the break.

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