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Quick Tip - How to Boot Your BlackBerry in Safe Mode

Rédigé par Adam Zeis le Lundi 24 Août 2009

Safe Mode

Over the weekend my Tour had a minor disagreement with an app I installed. I tried to reboot after I added the application, and my device wouldn't boot past the VZW splash screen. I had no access to a PC, so I was stuck with a dead device for two days. In my research and hopes of getting up and running, I came across the RIM article on how to boot in safe mode. We touched on this a while back, but never really got into any detail. Now, I also found out this doesn't work on the current Tour OS (for me anyway), but supposedly it works with most devices running OS 4.6 and higher. The basic idea behind it is that much like Safe Mode on a PC, booting your device this way allows you to uninstall any "bad" applications by loading the bare essentials upon startup. You simply perform a battery pull and then hold the Back key until the Safe Mode dialog appears. Just a good tip in case you ever find yourself in my shoes. Check out the full RIM Knowledge Base article here. If you've got a few minutes to kill, give it a try on your device. Does it work for you?'s feed sponsored by Quick Tip - How to Boot Your BlackBerry in Safe Mode

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