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Preware update integrates and enhances patching process

Rédigé par Derek Kessler le Samedi 10 Octobre 2009

Preware v. 0.9.3A fresh Preware update (v 0.9.3) has landed and it brings new features to the webOS patching game. Most notably, Preware now can handle the removal and updating of patches (though the update function is just an automatic removal/install) and has integrated webOS Internals’ newly updated patch feed.

To upgrade to the new Preware you must first update the Package Manager Service, followed by Preware itself. And then to transition to the new patch feed (autopatch is now obsolete) you should download the Emergency Patch Recovery tool patch to wipe away all installed patches, remove your previously installed virtual keyboard, and install Luna Manager to easily restart the requisite parts of webOS to update your actions. And then reinstall all the patches - it’s a slight hassle, but that is the price of living on the edge. Preware developer Rod has posted very concise instructions in our forums.

Speaking of our forums, PreCentral has a new subforum under webOS Development: webOS patches. Here you can discuss what patches you’d like to see, report patch bugs, get help, contribute to development, and more.

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