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PreDevCamp: Prepare for the App-Splosion

Rédigé par Dieter Bohn le Mercredi 5 Août 2009

Yes, it wasn't that long ago that we reminded you that preDevCamp is hitting this Saturday, August 8th - but it's kind of a big deal, so we're back again. Have you registered?

If you're a current or potential webOS developer, you really should.  See, we're sponsoring a contest with them, the preDevCamp Developer Challenge. Here's how it will work:

The best apps selected by our judges in each of 5 categories will win a shiny Palm Pre of their very own (via $200 gift card).  All entries will be publicly available to download on PreCentral, and the app with the highest user rating will receive a User’s Choice award that’s also good for $200 of potential Palm Pre goodness

That, as we heard during the PalmCast, is a total of six Pre phones that are being given away.  (If you're already a Homebrew developer, you can still enter, you just need to have two significant new features in your app from the 'camp). On top of that, 6 more attendees will also be getting $50 at the Accessory Store just for tweeting about it.

Did you notice the part about how entries from the Developer Challenge will find their way to our just-launched Palm Pre Homebrew App Gallery? They will and they will need your votes after submission (we'll have a list of eligible entries in the sidebar, stay tuned).  So get ready for the app-splosion, or appageddon, or appapalooza, or apporama... you get the idea.

Heading to preDevCamp? Here's what to pack in your gear bag.

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