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Pre firmware update in two weeks - or sooner?

Rédigé par Jonathan Downer le Mardi 16 Juin 2009

Before we begin, let us preface this with the usual "Take this rumor with a rather large dosage of salt". One of our forum members has recently spoken with a Sprint CSR (hence the salt dosage), and while configuring his Airrave they got to chatting. According to lady on the line, a memo was sent out that indicates an impending firmware update to our beloved Pre.

The information given was relatively vague, but she did specify "Improved Text Messaging Features", apparently in the way of message forwarding as well as group texting, along with "Improved Battery Life", which we'll take to mean they've refined the memory and power usage a bit further. She also hinted that "in the near future"(take that how you will), Palm would be implementing Video Recording as well as custom reminder functions (you know, so you can have your Pre tell you to get back to work).

Separately, another user has let us know that he heard about an update in a call with Palm technical support that ended up being elevated to L2 representatives. He was told that an update will be on the way as well - and according to the Palm rep, it will land by the end of the week. Two weeks seems optimistic, and just a few days even more so, but we certainly hope it is the truth. Palm and Sprint claim to be listening to user feedback, and a quick turn around on firmware updates would prove they're walking the walk. Let us know what you think in the comments, total bunk or shred of truth?

Thanks to jp700p in our forums for the tip!

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