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Palm webOS Chapter Seven is Live

Rédigé par Dieter Bohn le Jeudi 14 Mai 2009

Ladies and Gentleman, chapter 7 of Mitch Allen's programming guide for the webOS is now live.  This time around we're getting nitty gritty with Application Services - namely what applications and services you can access from your app.  This is basically where the Pre gets a chance to shine when compared to the iPhone -- there appear to be plenty of hooks here for helping your app reach out to the rest of the data on the phone.

You can, for exampe: launch the browser, dial a number, turn on the camera and take photos (in-app), browse photos, pull up the map application with driving directions, add information to contacts and calendar, pull information from conacts, launch the email app with specific messages, open a specific file (but there is not a built-in file browser that we're aware of yet), launch the music player and the video player, and -- finally -- use the applicaiton manager service to launch any other app that's been opened to it (i.e. other third party apps).

If you're a user - your takeaway is that the apps are able to talk to each other and that's a good thing.  If you're a developer - your takeaway is that you should go read this chapter and see how easily it's done.

Thanks to mahootzki for the tip!

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