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Palm cracks down on talk of tethering

Rédigé par Derek Kessler le Lundi 15 Juin 2009

Palm Pre, no tethering

We got confirmation of two things today: how Palm feels about the burgeoning unofficial Pre developer community, and who wears the pants in the Palm-Sprint relationship. The folks over at Pre Dev Wiki, who have been busy tearing open the recovery tool ROM received the following message from Palm:

We have been politely cautioned by Palm that any discussion of tethering during the Sprint exclusivity period (and perhaps beyond—we don't know yet) will probably cause Sprint to complain to Palm, and if that happened then Palm would be forced to react against the people running the IRC channel and this wiki.

We want to retain a good relationship with Palm, hence we are not allowing discussion of tethering on the IRC channel, or in this wiki.

Note that Sprint does not have a plan available for use with the Pre which allows tethering under the Terms Of Service.

Once there is a version of the Pre available for a carrier that does allow tethering, or an unlocked GSM version, then we may be able to change this policy.

The answers the two above questions: Palm tolerates, or even likes, that there’s this developer community, but Sprint wears the pants and Palm would rather not get in a fight with their white knight carrier. It’s too bad, because it was starting to feel like we were mere weeks, or even days, away from getting tethering to work. We can just hope that Sprint will see the demand and allow Palm to enable tethering like they said they would up until February.

[via: PreThinking]

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